Crisis Centre Overview:

Crisis team members attend crisis in the company of security personnel or police members who summon them. The crisis team provides the necessary emotional and practical support and de-briefing at any time day or night, seven days a week. They refer crisis victims to the Careline Crisis & Trauma Centre for counselling, early alcohol and substance abuse intervention  and further guidance.

What is our halfway house all about?

It is about an exciting journey from brokenness to recovery, which is a long term process. We utilise the latest life skills media in daily classes. The programs entails teaching, counselling, sport and “great food.” The atmosphere is very much that of a family. We work together, play together and share the chores. 

The Sober Living.

This is similar to the three quarter houses overseas. The recovering addicts live in a house together which allows them to understand and learn what it would mean to manage their own home. It is designed to support recovering addicts stay clean while reintegrating with society by offering support and accountability through random drug testing and meetings.

What is a Halfway House? 

Halfway houses – also known as sober living homes- are group residences which provide recovering addicts a drug & alcohol free environment which significantly helps with abstinence. Halfway houses may provide more stability and support to individuals than if they were to return home, consequently, those who recently finished inpatient treatment might find the structure of halfway houses helpful towards ensuring long-term recovery. Similarly, halfway houses allow one to work or attend school, hence are equally attractive to those enrolled in outpatient treatment programs. Being a halfway resident comes with important caveats: