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Community Projects

The Careline Community Outreach


The focus goes beyond centre proper to outlying areas in need of support. Careline has both a prevention and proactive focus incorporating substance abuse education, prevention and awareness in the community, taking an aggressive approach to reducing drug and alcohol abuse, working with schools and parents implementing a prevention project.

"Children without appropriate care" encompasses a broad range of children who are not receiving suitable, continuous and quality care, nurture and guidance at a physical, emotional, social and psychological level from their families or from other primary care givers that are meant to replace the family environment and are responsible for their well-being and development.

The reality facing South Africa is that of Child Headed Households. The "extended family" has become the norm and often the primary caregiver in such an extended family is a child (under the age of 18). These child-headed households face the same general problems, such as the fact that children in these households do not qualify for the child support grant or the foster care grant, the two main grants which are currently being utilized.


- 320 Orphans in Molweni

- Orphan Aid in the form of schooling, stationary, clothing and blankets

- Feeding Scheme

- Emotional and Physical Support

- Christmas functions, parties, etc

- Substance Abuse - Education, Prevention and Awareness

- Careline takes an aggressive approach to reducing substance abuse

- Work closely with the community, schools and parents

- Drug testing at companies 

School Projects

The Careline Crisis and Trauma Centre is committed to making a difference in the community and our main focus is on the education and prevention of substance abuse by our youth in schools.

This project is in partnership with the department of education regarding pregnancy, drug, alcohol abuse and the emotions of our youth through the trauma of substance abuse.

This project started in April 2012 and has proven thus far to be very effective.  The learners/pupils have responded positively during the discussion phase.

We will be visiting the following schools in both urban and rural areas to run a prevention education and awareness program amongst the youth and educators together with workshops.


At the moment we are focusing on approx. 20 Government schools,  because of the incredible lack of resources and facilities – these schools house the poorest of the poor and are the most effected by teenage pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, which in turn causes emotional trauma.

One of the key tools that we want to introduce to schools both at primary and secondary levels is a Careline Substance Abuse Handbook.

This handbook will cover the following topics:

  • Trauma during in the various growth stages
  • The effects of childhood trauma on the brain
  • Steps on how to deal with the trauma
  • Parents identifying drug use in their children

Support is needed in the following areas:

  • Transport
  • Material
  • Publishing and Distribution
  • Workshop and Awareness campaigns
  • Hand outs
  • Advertising/Awareness


Donations to the Crisis Centre

Careline believes that the strong are beholden to help the weak

We are excited when we see lives made whole and even more excited when we see those who've been made whole themselves becoming catalysts of change.

Careline seeks those who share this passion to join hands with us.



Donate by providing food and clothing, which can be delivered to Careline in Assagay 

Funds can be deposited directly into our bank account. See below for details



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24 HOUR CALL OUT TEAM 031 765 1314

> Help Desk for screening and referrals

> Attend to calls from the police, security companies and community

> Attend to survivors / victims of trauma

> Trauma debriefing, support, information and follow-up