Sober Living

The Sober Living.

This is similar to the three quarter houses overseas. The recovering addicts live in a house together which allows them to understand and learn what it would mean to manage their own home. It is designed to support recovering addicts stay clean while reintegrating with society by offering support and accountability through random drug testing and meetings.

Recovering addicts moving into a halfway house generally have less time in sobriety as those living in three quarter way houses as the latter is a step down from the former. Basically, once someone graduates a program such as inpatient treatment, it is suggested that they then move into a halfway house. After living there for some time, usually about 6 to 8 months, they then have the option of moving into a three quarter way house. Many people in early recovery actually appreciate these aspects because they know it will help them in living a sober lifestyle and to be successful in their recovery.

Benefits to Living in Sober Housing

Studies show that recovering addicts and alcoholics who live in sober houses, such as three quarter way houses, are at less of a risk of relapse than recovering addicts who go directly back to their previous living situations once they have completed a treatment program, because it leaves them without any additional support. On the other hand, people choose to live in a three quarter way house have the added support of living with sober peers.

What to Expect at a Three Quarter Way House
  • Recovering addicts and alcoholics living in three quarter way houses are responsible for supporting themselves by paying their rent.
  • And this is possible because, at this point, sober house residents are encouraged, supported, and even required to be working or at least actively seeking work.
  • Sober living house residents also have certain rules and regulations to abide by which, again offer structure and support while they transition back into society.
  • Usually, residents must attend support group meetings each week.
  • Abide by set curfews, and are subject to random drug testing.
  • The main financial benefit to moving into a three quarter way house after completing treatment and then living in a halfway house is that there is no security deposit required, no first and last months rent required and no credit checks. Utilities are included in the cost of rent and most places allow residents to pay their rent on a weekly basis or monthly. This is much more manageable for many who are just getting back on their feet.